Vivien Tauchmann is a designer and researcher. She investigates how socio-political relations are embedded in and affected by dominant logics of material culture and media practices. In the attempt to give alternative forms to debate, she articulates, physicalises and activates her position through a performative approach. By positioning the own body as communicative material, she seeks to expose relational aspects of man- made infrastructures and subvert processes, that seem to constitute cultural boundaries.

While working on self- initiated projects and as a freelancer, she is currently coordinator of communication for Urgent Appeals of the Clean Clothes Campaign at Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk Sachsen (ENS) e.V., dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment industries.

In 2018 she graduated from the Master’s Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. Her graduation project and thesis, “United Negotiation of Otherness”, investigates around questions of otherness beyond the individual scale to break down boundaries of We verses Them, by moving out of a passive theorising position. Within the framework of a fictional organisation, she created a series of new concepts, terms, methods and approaches from a performative perspective. 

Vivien was first trained as a fashion designer at the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg (2015), where she developed the critical position towards mass material culture and the relation to global infrastructures and invisible forms of labour and exclusion.