Same Difference


All things and I are one.

Since they are one with me, 

can I still talk about them?

Since we are called one,

how can I not talk about them? 


Same Difference is an exploration of gender equality and a formal rebellion against stereotypes of men and women.

The role models of the 21st century are based on a paradoxical development. The classical gender roles reinvent themselfes, transgender isn’t called ‚unnormal‘ anymore, whereas sexism still plays a huge role in the media and feminism is deride. By analyzing the idealized body shapes of our society and looking at traditional apparel elements of both, women- and menswear the project visualizes that formal elements doesn’t shape the individual. 

Wearable for both genders, changeable details generate shape manipulations trough exaggerated vicariousness of so called ‚typical‘ shapes. Human skin, printed tessellated on the coat, reinforces the symbolic and visual statement for equality and diversity. 

Photography: Vivien Tauchmann
Models: Franziska Heinze and Sebastian Stephan