The Art Of Transforming Lack Into Varitey

in collaboration with Franziska Heinze and Laura Krettek

In cooperation with the company W. L. Gore & Associates this project focuses on the special needs of motor scooter drivers in the urban environment. How can protective clothing be combined with everyday wear? What makes weatherbility and high function attractive to an individual style? 

The analysis of the target as well as the feasibility of the garments should guarantee the industrial approach. 

„The art of transforming lack into variety“ is multifunctional, strong an rapid. It wants to attract attention, convert and surprise, just as its user.  The innovative outfit includes a coat, pants, vest and cuffs for arms and knees. During workaday life as well as on the street it is possible to transform whole garments and modify the length of sleeves and pant legs, just as the weather and situation ask for.

An extraordinary mix of high quality classic- and sportswear materials makes the outfit functional and graceful at the same time. Solutions for the particular needs on the scooter (e.g. removable protectors, breathing filter) are invisible incorporated. 

Photography: Laura Krettek
Model: Sarah Schindler